Arizona Ranking: Top 10 Electrical Contractors for 2020

Here are Arizona’s top 10 electrical contractors, based on the public vote for the 2020 Arizona Ranking, the state’s largest and most comprehensive opinion poll. Arizona’s ranking is based purely on opinion and ranks businesses based on how voters answer this simple question: Who would you recommend doing business with? To make your vote count in the 2021 edition of the Ranking Arizona, click here to vote.

Voting for the 2021 number of Ranking Arizona ends on July 31, 2020.

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Here are the 10 best electrical contractors in Arizona, as presented in the 2020 edition of the Arizona Ranking:

Staff of 126 or more

1. Wilson Electrical Services

Background: Wilson Electric Services is 100 percent employee-owned. Last year Wilson Electric became 100% employee owned and every employee is rewarded for their dedication and hard work by sharing in the profits of the company. Employees were the foundation for the company’s transformation into one of Arizona’s largest and most successful electrical contractors. Team members bring immense passion and expertise to each project and employee share ownership deeply binds employees to the success of the organization. The company’s accomplishments are a testament to the highly skilled and talented employee-owners who are passionate about their work and who are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

2.Electric PD

3. Canyon State Electric Co.

4. Electric corbins

5. Cannon & Wendt Electric Co.

6. Rosendin Électrique Inc.

7. Delta Diversified Companies

8. Electric Hawkeye

9. Sturgeon Electric Company

Staff of 125 or less

1. Spectra Electrical Services

Background: Spectra Electrical Services has been a full service electrical contractor serving the Arizona construction industry since 2001. Specializing in all facets of types of commercial, industrial, installation and service projects, Spectra Electrical Services has been involved in the construction and / or maintenance of many unique and always rewarding projects throughout Arizona. Representative projects include ASU Taylor Place Student Housing, UA Honors College and Student Housing, Southwest Gas Regional Operations Center, Freeport McMoRan ETPS Substation, and the Jacking Header Project. Spectra Electrical Services is fortunate to work with numerous state, county and city governments through its 28 order contracts, as well as with many of the major facilities in the state of Arizona.

2. JFK Electric Procurement Companies

3. Switch Electric Inc

4. Electric Kortman

5. RMJ Electrical Contractors Inc.

6. K2 electric

7. Wang electrical systems

8. Electric AME

9. Electric Swain

Patricia D. Rutt