BIM modeling for electrical contractors facilitating project efficiency, reducing errors during building planning

BIM modeling for electrical contractors facilitating project efficiency, reducing errors during building planning

MEP HVAC Shop Drawing Services

MEP HVAC Shop Drawing Services

BIM modeling for MEP entrepreneurs

BIM modeling for MEP entrepreneurs

BIM MEP services via Revit

BIM MEP services via Revit

Best BIM strategies for construction management

Best BIM strategies for construction management

AEC professionals use BIM methodologies to enhance project efficiency and reduce errors during electrical building planning and development.

Our construction professionals use BIM modeling for electrical contractors to increase project efficiency and reduce errors during the planning and development stages of the building.

– Sukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, January 3, 2022 / – In the field of AEC, building information modeling is gaining popularity. Whether it is an addition to the home, a renovation, a renovation or a new construction, BIM is used for an accurate construction plan during the pre-construction phase. Construction projects, like shopping malls, retail stores, as well as residential and commercial construction are the best part of the BIM market. A pre-development (plan) and the functional stages of the structure all need BIM. According to Markets and markets, it is predicted that by 2026, North America will retain the best share of the BIM market, including the territories of the United States, Canada and Mexico. This part of the globe is rapidly adopting BIM for construction planning and development.

Sukh Singh, Vice President of BIM Services Provider of Tejjy Inc. in the United States, said, “Our construction professionals are using BIM modeling for electrical contractors to boost project efficiency and reduce costs. errors during the construction and development planning phases. “

BIM benefits for electrical contractors:

Visualization of electrical services

Flawless collaboration

Reduction of waste

Elimination of sick leave

BIM services for electrical contractors:

1. Design development and design validation

2. Constructability audit

3. Electrical BIM modeling

4. Conflict detection and coordination

5. Value engineering

6. Electrical drawings via BIM

7. Quantity taking / Bill of Materials

8. Creation of the Revit family

1. Design development & design validation:

Load analysis

Short circuit analysis

· Schedules


· Pressure drop

Illuminance calculation

Energy analysis

· Plan of control

Fire alarm arrangement

Unique risers and diagram

2. Constructability audit:

The BIM constructability review guarantees:

Sufficient space for installation, operation and maintenance

Compliance with building codes for cable heights

Clearance between additional high voltage and low voltage services

Exact position of the electrical elements with dimensions

3. Electrical BIM modeling:

3D modeling of lighting fixtures, MCCs, switchboards, transformers, DBs, panels, from approved quotes

Modeling of electrical containment, trunk, bus sheath, cable trays, etc.

Render the model with lights

Walkthrough of the electrical BIM model in Navisworks

4. Conflict detection and coordination:

· Conflict detection and coordination to pre-construction, leading to substantial savings

A coordinated BIM model is formed, reducing conflicts between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire protection services through:

ü Redirection utilities

ü Modification of elevations

ü Resizing

5. Value engineering

Designing value through BIM minimizes project costs, reduces material use and increases functional efficiency through:

ü Overhaul of electrical services

ü Recommend alternative routes to perform BIM conflict detection

ü Relocation of the electrical panel, switchgear and lighting equipment to reduce the use of equipment

6. Electrical drawings via BIM:

Power supply and lighting arrangement

· Shop drawings

Sleeve designs

Conduit coil

Prefabrication plans

Data cable

Fire alarm drawings

7. Takeoff of quantity / Bill of Materials:

Quantity statements generated from the electrical BIM model with automatic updating of changes to the existing model

All electrical installations make it easier for entrepreneurs to assess project costs and organize the acquisition of equipment

Instances of take-off of the electrical quantity:

ü Wall installation

ü Track lighting

ü Fluorescent device

ü Projector

8. Creation of the Revit family:

Electrical Revit families include precise calculations and technical product details

Incorporates explicit design information essential to electrical services

Revit parametric families contain information about real-world products for analysis of calculations and simulations

Codes used by BIM experts:

• National association for fire protection

• Institute of electrical and electronic engineers

• National electrical safety code

• National electrical code

• International Code Council

• International building code

• International fire prevention code

• International Code of Energy Conservation

Software applications used by BIM electrical service companies:

• Revit

• NavisWorks

• AutoCAD

• Etap (electrical transient analyzer program)

• DIALux

• Trimble SysQue

• Autodesk manufacturing

• Folding – Greenlee

• EvolveMEP

To obtain electrical BIM services or MEP BIM services, contact a competent BIM company in the United States. You can contact Tejjy Inc. BIM Company at 202-465-4830 or [email protected] to discuss your BIM projects. Tejjy is a competent BIM engineering company with over 15 years of experience serving various regions of the United States including Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, Baltimore, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Connecticut and Maryland . Contact Tejjy Inc. and resolve your constructability issues from the pre-construction phase.

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How does BIM help electrical contractors?

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