BMC removes plantations hindering electrical wiring

Bhopal: Another incident related to myopia and unplanned development of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has arisen resulting in waste of taxpayer money. BMC will remove all bottle palm plants from the central orchard as they interfere with the electrical wiring.

Admitting its callous approach, the BMC administration admitted that it could have planted other plant truths during the beatifications of Link Road no-1 without much thought. The route was developed as a model route in the state capital.

BMC Deputy Commissioner Bhagwandas Bhumarkar, who runs the horticultural cell, said: “BMC will remove these trees if they have reached their natural age from the central shoulder. Wrongly, such bottle palms could have been planted in the central shoulder. Obviously, such plants interfere with the power supply because of their height.

If there is a possibility of pruning, we will do it so that there is no hindrance to the wiring. In the near future, we will take care of it. Bottle palms cannot be pruned as they will lose their beauty. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) horticultural cell pruns the plants just to avoid obstacles and gives uniform shapes to enhance the beauty of the plants in the central border.

The same goes for other localities where series of bottle palms have been planted to beautify the roads and the locality. Experts say this is an example of BMC’s blatant disregard for accountability while spending taxpayer dollars. They argue that it is common sense that such plants are planted in parks and not in the middle of roads.

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Posted on: Thursday February 14th, 2019 8:02 AM IST

Patricia D. Rutt