Holiday job sparked extraordinary career for Detlev electrical services boss

Grae Munroe now runs his family’s electricity business, Detlev’s, which has annual sales of $ 6 million. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

During the school holidays, a job of stripping machines for spare parts triggered Grae Munro’s passion for household and electrical appliances.

He attended Erindale College, where he began working in Detlev Electrical Services as a casual employee on weekends and school holidays.

His primary role was entry level, machine stripping and handling minor shop repairs.

It was then that he discovered his interest in the electrical industry… and an interest in his boss’s daughter!

Even though his grades were good enough to enroll in college, Grae says he wasn’t interested in this path.

“Like many of my peers, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the time, so I figured I could take up Detlev’s offer, outsourcing to install household appliances, ”he says.

“Since I was only 17, I thought I would earn some money and study construction at CIT [Canberra Institute of Technology] while I discovered my life.

“After 18 months, the urge to start a career and do something for myself was undeniable.”

17 years later, Grae and his wife, Stéphanie, run the extremely successful family electricity business.

The couple have two children and they are very involved in their community, which Grae says has always been very important to him.

As General Manager of Detlev, Grae maintains the company’s reputation for going above and beyond to provide personalized six-star service every time.

Detlev’s has been providing high quality, bespoke electrical installation and maintenance projects to the Canberra community for over 30 years, and Grae’s vision is to continue growing the business.

“I’ve always had a good business sense and I always strive to be successful in whatever I do,” he says.

“After running the business for over five years, I took over two years ago.

“It was very appliance-oriented and I focused on diversifying into other markets, which is why we are now recognized as Canberra’s leaders in the home appliances, electrical and electrical industries. automation.

“We have built and managed a strong network of professionals in the residential and commercial sector.

“It’s great to be part of building a strong future for our city and the people who live there. “

Grae works alongside his brother-in-law Scott Mukojid – who married Stephanie’s sister – and who Grae says is also highly motivated, bringing another dynamic to the team.

Grae Munroe finds parts on shelf in Detlev's electrical service van

Grae Munroe started working for Detlev’s during the school holidays and now runs the business with his wife, Stephanie. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

Together they are building the automation side of Detlev’s business, recently installing a flagship smart home system for Shane, a client of the National Disability Insurance Plan, giving him back his independence and also reducing the need for on-time care. full at home.

“It’s fantastic to be able to have such an impact on people’s lives,” says Grae. “It’s the kind of project that I really like. “

With a team of over 40 employees, from shopkeepers to project managers, Grae says his mission is to build a “really good workforce” and take on projects “that make a difference in people’s lives. “.

Detlev’s continues to undertake large commercial projects and works on new technologies to make buildings smarter and greener.

Grae says providing a holistic approach, with greener results for buildings and providing better lives for individuals makes him proud.

At the age of 35, Grae runs a business that generates over $ 6 million a year and has seen its profits increase 40 percent year-over-year in the past two years since taking over. took the reins.

He says working with his family and maintaining the company’s excellent reputation is important to him. And having his stepfather, Detlev Raese, there to support him is an added bonus.

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“It’s a fantastic family business,” says Grae. “Family and friends are so important to me – our home is always full of people and children having fun.”

When Grae and Stephanie aren’t working hard, they enjoy spending time with their family.

“We love great food, great company, adventure travel, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Grae.

With over 15 years of electrical experience, Grae has completed a myriad of projects across Australia.

His knowledge and expertise in electrical maintenance and installation provide customers with comfort and confidence in knowing that their projects are in good hands.

For more information on the company’s current projects and innovative home automation, visit Detlev Electrical Services.

Patricia D. Rutt