Kaduna Electric recertifies its electrical contractors –

Kaduna Electric has recertified all electrical contractor work with the company to enforce standards in its franchise areas.

The team leader, Protection and testing, Ing. Tukur Biliya Bakori, said the exercise was carried out to put down the activities of charlatans in the Kaduna Electric franchise areas.

According to Bakori: “In fact, the whole exercise was fair and transparent.

“They had to go through certain processes, ranging from a computer test to an oral interview.

“This allows us to determine their capacity at a certain level.

“We have classified the exercise into four different stages according to their qualification, experience and technical know-how.

“In this regard, we have placed those who are successful based on their performance in their rightful place, but not who they want to be. “

Bakori said at the end of the fiscal year, “the charlatans have no role to play and have been easily eliminated from carrying out all kinds of activities on our network.”

Meanwhile, the Council for Engineering Regulation in Nigeria commended Kaduna Electric for recertifying electrical contractors willing to undertake electrical installations in Kaduna Electric franchise areas.

A letter to the Managing Director / CEO, dated January 16, 2018, signed by the Registrar, Engr, W. Kamila Maliki, said: “I am writing to welcome your initiative to embark on the recertification of all electrical contractors. handling work with KAEDCO, aimed at ensuring that contractors have a basic knowledge and understanding of electrical and safety standards.

Maliki then called on the government and private organizations to enforce electrical standards and safety.

He said, “For emphasis, he said that the Council wishes to reiterate the fact that all government ministries, departments and agencies, as well as the private sector are under an obligation to apply to COREN to practice a license for pre-qualification of companies wishing to do engineering jobs. In fact, no engineering firm (consultant or contractor) should practice engineering without being registered with COREN and having a valid COREN practice license. Non-compliance is illegal and constitutes a violation of the CAP E11, 2014 law on engineers (registration, etc.).

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Patricia D. Rutt