Labor Day 2021: Ohio / Michigan branch of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

Why hire a NECA electrical contractor:

NECA contractors do the majority of electrical work in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. They only hire professional union electricians who have all received formal training and testing before becoming journeymen. Last year, NECA contractors in the region performed over 3 million hours of electrical work. They do everything from residential, light commercial, industrial, low voltage and all other electrical work.

Some of the projects recently completed by NECA contractors include the new Amazon buildings, the new hospital renovations in Toledo, and the new NSG glass factory. NECA contractors do the majority of the work at area public schools, UT, BGSU, Owens and Penta. They did the Mud Hens and the Walleye Arena. They just made all new condos at Marina Lofts. These are just a few of their projects.

If you are looking to use the nest for your electrical work, you can call 866-ASK-NECA or go to

AT Emmett, LLC

Bodie Mechanical Services, Inc.

Brint Electric, Inc.

Bryson / Electric Tucker

Chapelle-Romanoff Technologies

Colgan-Davis, Inc.

DS Nickels, Inc.

Dap Patchen, Inc.

FET Construction Services, LLC

GEM, Inc.

Gibelectric, Inc.

Great Lakes Electrical Contracting, Inc.

GLIC electrical service

IPS electric

Koelsch Electric Co., Inc.

Laibe Electric Co.

Lake Erie Electric from Toledo, Inc.

Lake Erie Technologies

Northwest Electric Contracts

Peak Electric, Inc.

Regent Electric, Inc.


Romanoff Electric Co., LLC

Sabroske Electric, Inc.

Saunders & Sons Co.

Staelgraeve Turner Electric, Inc.

TAS, Inc.

Transtar Electrical Safety & Technologies Inc.

Turner Electric Co.

US Utility Contractor Co., Inc.

US Utility Electrical Services, Corp

Valley Electric Co.

Patricia D. Rutt