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The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) has threatened to withdraw the licenses of electrical contractors who violate laws in the electricity sector.
Managing Director / Managing Director of NEMSA, Ing. Peter Ewesor, who made the threat at the inauguration of the Zonal Electrical Contractors Certification Board in Port Harcourt, said the move was aimed at preventing the loss of Nigerians’ lives and property.
Ewesor, who is also the Federation’s chief electrical inspector, said several failures have been identified in the electricity sector and other workplaces in the area of ​​electrical installations, resulting in unstable grids and fires over the years.
According to him, “these failures are largely responsible for the dilapidated state of networks soon after they are put into service, and the aging of equipment and networks, as regularly cited as the causes of frequent network collapses and breakdowns. / systems ”.
Ewezor listed some of the failures as “design and construction failures, improper planning and execution of electrical projects, use of substandard materials and equipment, deliberate oversight of procedures, codes and requirements for carrying out projects. electricity as specified by regulations and standard codes of practice, failure to observe construction and installation standards, inadequate safety provisions during construction ”.
The boss of NEMSA said: “The safety, reliability, quality and efficiency of the power supply to the population depends in large part on the quality of networks and systems built to specifications and standards. This certification means that we have certified you as competent, qualified, reliable to provide a level of comfort and safety to those to whom you provide electrical installation services.
“So if you are now providing services that result in loss of life, which actually lead to improper installation that will cause havoc and danger, why should you continue to have the certificate? There are two ways; either we suspend or we revoke. To suspend means to have the opportunity to explain what happened, to give the opportunity to see if you can improve yourself.
“But the revocation means that the people caused a very serious problem in the industry that would probably result in the loss of life and property and you actually created a lot of disaffection. Then we don’t need to allow you to continue working. And it happens in all professions, ”said Ewesor.
He assured that the agency would play its role in eradicating charlatans, unqualified electrical contractors and poor electrical installations in the country to ensure a quality and uninterrupted power supply to Nigerians, while ensuring the safety of people. lives and goods and bringing Nigerians out of the dark into the light. .
“That’s why these entrepreneurs are certified. We want them to be at the top of their game and do the right thing, ”he explained,
He urged the panel to be honest in their work and to avoid unnecessary sympathy with anyone during the interview session.
“To be sympathetic means that you (panelist) have given someone the right to say that the man can go and destroy property. In the case of an electrical engineer, this is probably one of the worst because it can kill an entire community. An error by an electrical engineer in industry can lead to the death of several people and the loss of several property, ”he said.

By: Tonye Nria-Dappa

Patricia D. Rutt