Tanesco in Arusha plans to root out illegal electrical contractors

Speaking to reporters in his office yesterday, Tanesco’s Arusha region director Herini Mhina said any problems faced by the wananchi after they came to power by the “vishoka” would belong to the history because they are well mobilized to put them out of the criminal trade.

He said they have implemented various anti-race strategies, including registering all electrical contractors within the EWURA system and anyone who is not registered will not be allowed to perform electrical work.

He said: “We will deal with all electrical contractors who sign customer forms outside of Tanesco’s offices because it is not allowed, as it has to be done inside our offices in the part of the established procedure and there will be no bureaucracy. “

He said they will ensure that all electrical contractors who do wiring work are registered by EWURA in order to eradicate the bureaucracy and misunderstandings faced by wananchi in the region, stressing that they will ensure a close follow-up of this to weed out unregistered electrical contractors.

EWURA North Zone Director ing Lorivii Long’idu said the procedure for electrical contractors is clear and also in accordance with the law.

He said that in doing so, last month EWURA met with all the electrical contractors in the region to discuss how to solve the challenges they face so that they can provide better services to customers.

He also asked the wananchi to send their complaints about energy and water services to EWURA.

He also said they had discovered that many electrical contractors were not registered in the areas where they operate in the region; this is why EWURA has planned to remedy this shortcoming.

The “vishoka” eradication plan is the result of complaints from electricity users about unexpected power cuts and when the power suddenly comes back on, it destroys their electrical devices.

Patricia D. Rutt