The hustle and bustle of electrical contractors enters the 20th day

For 20 days, the agitation of entrepreneurs has continued uninterrupted in the premises of Shakti Bhawan. This is the first time that the electrical contractors have teamed up to protest who completed the work under the Saubhagya program 3 years ago and yet they were not paid and no reason was given for non-payment.

The condition of electrical entrepreneurs and their startups has become very severe and in the midst of the financial crisis, the pressure from lenders is such that they are reluctant to even return home.

Vivek Porwal, Chairman of Madhya Pradesh East Zone Electricity Distribution Company, is standing in Jabalpur these days, through the organization, Chairman Vivek was also discussed and he also asked to make efforts in this direction. But today, it has been 20 days since this incident and no significant initiative of any kind has been taken. Entrepreneurs from all districts are participating in this movement organized under the banner of Madhya Bharat Vidyut Contractors Sangathan.

The chief general manager of the rural project Ashok Dhruve accepted Ashok Dhruve said that at the moment some kind of clawback is being offered against the entrepreneurs, when the entrepreneurs organization talked about it, they said that we did not give no information on this subject for 3 years. If a proper investigation is not carried out and recovery is forcefully proposed against the contractors, which is after 3 years of completion of the work, then the contractors will vigorously agitate against it. For this work, an official of the Chief General Manager Rural Project took or paid Rs 200,000 per contractor.

Patricia D. Rutt