West Liberty Council denies request for fair council for electrical services | Local

Charles Potter

WEST LIBERTY — The Muscatine County Fair Board isn’t taking a break in the town of West Liberty on Tuesday night. The city council, on the recommendation of the council’s public utilities committee, denied Fair Board requests for the city to reinstall designated power lines on the county fairgrounds and to turn off and restart five fuses on the fairgrounds every spring and fall.

The Fair Board had asked the board to perform the services as in-kind donations, and the board referred the matter to the Utilities Committee, comprised of board member Diane Beranek, for further study. The committee’s written report concluded that utilities on the fairgrounds are the responsibility of the owners, not the city.

“The request made by the Fair Board also falls outside our budgetary capabilities,” committee chairman Beranek wrote in the report. “The city has made cuts to our budget our responsibility to the city’s taxpayers. Therefore, we recommend that the city council refuse all proposals.”

McFarren wrote in the report that Muscatine County Fair’s values ​​to the community are recognized, but the city’s priority is providing essential services funded by taxpayer dollars. “We have to draw the line; moreover, we’ve recently seen our other city-owned ‘quality of life’ services take a budget hit as well,” McFarren wrote. “If we give to one, we should give to all.”

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The West Liberty Public Library will provide more services to patrons as pandemic concerns appear to be under control. Library director Allie Paarsmith reported that the library board, at a special meeting, decided to proceed with the second phase of reopening. Among other services to be offered, Paarsmith said patron orders will be available for collection at the library entrance from Monday, June 8. “We are delighted to be able to serve the community,” Paarsmith told the council.


– The Board approved the payment of claims totaling $387,849.

– Board approved Salary Estimate #3 of $11,756 to Lansing Brothers Construction of Luxembourg, Iowa, representing final payment and holdback, for the 115 East Third Street Partial Demolition Project, now considered complete .

– The board approved an updated 28E agreement with Safety Group East Iowa and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.

– The council has set a working session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16 to review the rules for service to electrical customers.

Patricia D. Rutt