Western Electrical Services, Inc. Expands Presence in Los Angeles Market

Western Electrical Services, Inc. (WES) is pleased to announce its new location in Southern California with a 5,800 square foot lot. installation in the city of Chino. The new location will bring all CBS Group, Inc. products and services in the Los Angeles market.

“WES ‘latest facility in California represents our fifth site and is part of our expansion plans in the western United States,” said Craig Archer, president of Western Electrical Services, Inc.

Although WES has had sales and support offices in Southern California for the past several years, the Chino plant is expanding the area for testing, repairing and inventorying electrical equipment. This will allow WES to provide testing, emergency service and response to the region in addition to the sale of equipment.

Meet the team members operating from California:

  • Mike Kelly, Sales Representative: Kelly has been with WES for two years after a stint as a Southern California salesperson for Circuit Breaker Sales, Inc. He previously worked at General Electric and Southern California Edison. Kelly offers many years of equipment sales and service experience.
  • Steve Warren, Regional Field Services Manager: Warren is from the WES facility in Vancouver, Wash., And has been with the organization for several years. He brings with him extensive experience in industrial electrical engineering.
  • Matt Wallace, Regional Director of Field Services Southwest: Wallace comes from the critical electrical environment to lead the WES Field Services organization throughout the Southwest. With around 20 years of NETA testing experience, Wallace has primarily focused on commissioning data centers as an engineer and project manager.

“With these talented people and our strong presence at PowerTest, we hope to take the SoCal market by storm,” said Archer.

For more information, contact Jason Bontrager at 888-395-2021 or jbontrager (at) westernelectricalservices (dot) com.

About Western Electrical Services, Inc.

With five locations in the western United States, Western Electrical Services, Inc. provides electrical solutions to the power generation, transmission, distribution and end-user markets, as well as the sale, maintenance, repair, refurbishment and modernization of all types of metal coatings. 38 kV switchgear and circuit breakers. WES is a NETA accredited field testing company and member of the PEARL Electrical Reconditioning Trade Association. For more information, contact WES at 888-395-2021, or visit WesternElectricalServices.com.

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