ZERA will compile the database of all electrical contractors; Senior engineer reveals – Pindula News

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) is building a database of all electrical contractors in the country.

This was revealed by ZERA Senior Engineer Samuel Zaranyika as he addressed delegates at a stakeholder forum on electricity regulation (energy management) in Bulawayo during the week. last. He said:

We asked ZETDC to provide us with a list of all electrical contractors in the five regions which are Harare, West, South, North and East.

We have asked them to submit the names of all contractors who hold the required qualifications, who are working on installations so that the time will come if someone does the installation and if it has not been done by the ‘one of those people on the list won’t be on us.

People will only have to visit the ZETDC website to choose the contractor and ZETDC will check and confirm the contractor’s qualifications, then they will be considered for the job.

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